Data Mining with Cubist

Data mining is all about extracting patterns from an organization's stored or warehoused data. These patterns can be used to gain insight into aspects of the organization's operations, and to predict outcomes for future situations as an aid to decision-making.

Cubist builds rule-based predictive models that output values, complementing See5/C5.0 that predicts categories. For instance, See5/C5.0 might classify the percentage yield from some process as "high", "medium", or "low", whereas Cubist would output a number such as "7.3".

Cubist is a powerful tool for generating rule-based models that balance the need for accurate prediction against the requirements of intelligibility. Cubist models generally give better results than those produced by simple techniques such as multivariate linear regression, while also being easier to understand than neural networks.

Some important features:

If you would like to learn more about Cubist or try out a demonstration version of the system, here are some useful links:

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