See5/C5.0 In Use

Numerous publications by See5/C5.0 users are available on the web. Here's a sample, in no particular order:

Landslide susceptibility mapping in Three Gorges Reservoir area based on GIS and boosting decision tree model

Breast cancer diagnosis using feature extraction and boosted C5.0 decision tree algorithm with penalty factor

A comparative study on grey relational analysis and C5.0 classification algorithm on adventitious rhizogenesis of Eucalyptus

Extracting distribution and expansion of rubber plantations from Landsat imagery using the C5.0 decision tree method

Web-based classification for forest fire data using the Shiny framework and the C5.0 algorithm

Is the geographic range of mangrove forests in the conterminous United States really expanding?

A method for classification of network traffic based on C5.0 machine learning algorithm

Determining wide area damping control signal (WADCS) based on C5.0 classifier

Predicting instructor performance using data mining techniques in higher education

Applying a new model of customer value on international air passengers' market in Taiwan

A framework for DNS based detection and mitigation of malware infections on a network

Neonatal mortality prediction using real-time medical measurements

A comparison of word- and term-based methods for automatic web site summarization

Application of knowledge discovery from databases to remote weather assessment

Comparing artificial intelligence systems for stock portfolio selection

Goodwill, inventory penalty, and adaptive supply chain management

Assessing decision tree models for clinical in-vitro fertilization data

Using data mining techniques to explore physicians' therapeutic decisions when clinical guidelines do not provide recommendations: methods and example for type 2 diabetes

Using open source computational tools for predicting human metabolic stability and additional ADME/Tox properties

Gene expression meta-analysis supports existence of molecular apocrine breast cancer with a role for androgen receptor and implies interactions with ErbB family

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